Termite Control -West Indian Drywood Termite

Property owners and other affected parties are being invited to provide feedback on the future management of the West Indian Drywood Termite.  Feedback is particularly sought with regards to who pays for treatment of the termite.  Under the new Biosecurity Act 2014, which is due to commence on 1st July 2016, a decision needs to be made by the Departments of Agriculture and Fisheries on how to manage the pest in the future.  The Act will feature a general biosecurity obligation, which means everyone has a responsibility to mitigate risks and share responsibility, which includes reporting pests.

Treatment of the West Indian Drywood Termite is costly, at approximately $42,000 for a three bedroom house, so the consultation offers four funding models for consideration.  These include:

  • Government organises treatment, with a phase-in of property owner contributions;
  • Property owners organize to pay for treatment;
  • Government organizes treatment, with owner co-contribution of set costs;
  • Government continues to organize and pay for all surveillance and treatment.

The consultation ends 29th February 2016 and you can have your say by responding to the survey here: https://www.getinvolved.qld.gov.au/gi/consultation/2809/view.html

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