Living in a strata community offers unique advantages – shared amenities, close-knit living, and a sense of belonging. But behind the scenes, a dedicated team works tirelessly to ensure the smooth operation and well-being of these vibrant communities. This team is led by the body corporate manager, a professional whose expertise plays a crucial role in making life in your strata complex harmonious and hassle-free.

Who are Body Corporate Managers?

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Body corporate managers, like those at Sunstate Strata in  Marcoola, Queensland, are qualified professionals and are members of Strata Community Australia (SCA). They act as the executive arm of the body corporate, the legal entity responsible for managing the common property within a strata complex.

What Do They Do?

The responsibilities of a body corporate manager are vast and varied, encompassing everything from the mundane to the critical. Here’s a glimpse into their diverse workload:

• Administrative Duties:

◦ Maintaining accurate records of owners, units, and levies.
◦ Arranging and attending body corporate meetings, ensuring proper procedure and communication.
◦ Handling all financial matters, including collecting levies, managing budgets, and preparing financial reports.
◦ Communicating effectively with residents, addressing concerns, and enforcing by-laws.

• Dispute Resolution:

◦ Acting as a mediator in resolving disputes between residents.
◦ Enforcing by-laws and taking appropriate action when breaches occur.
◦ Maintaining a fair and impartial approach to conflict resolution.

• Legal and Insurance Matters:

◦ Liaising with lawyers and insurance companies on behalf of the body corporate.
◦ Ensuring the body corporate has adequate insurance coverage.
◦ Keeping abreast of relevant legislation and legal requirements.

Choosing the Right Body Corporate Manager

With such immense responsibility entrusted to them, choosing the right body corporate manager is crucial. Look for:

• Qualifications and experience: Ensure your manager is a member of the Strata Community Australia and has a proven track record in managing strata communities.
• Communication skills: Effective communication is vital for building trust and addressing concerns.
• Problem-solving skills: The ability to find solutions to complex issues is essential for a smooth-running strata complex.
• Financial acumen: Sound financial management ensures the body corporate’s financial stability.

Sunstate Strata: Your Trusted Partner in Strata Management

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If you’re a resident of a strata complex in Queensland, Sunstate Strata can be your trusted partner in ensuring a comfortable and hassle-free living experience. Their team of qualified and experienced body corporate managers is dedicated to providing exceptional service, transparency, and proactive solutions to meet the unique needs of your community.

Living in a strata community comes with its own set of challenges. But with the right body corporate manager by your side, you can rest assured that your home is in good hands. Sunstate Strata is committed to making your strata experience a positive and enriching one. Contact Sunstate Strata today and discover how their expertise can contribute to a thriving and harmonious community.

Email or call them on 07 5450 5300 and they’d be happy to answer your questions and provide you with a free quote regarding our strata services. You can visit their office which is located at – Suite 5 / Seaside on the Lake” Cnr Seaside Boulevard & Merchants Parade Marcoola, QLD

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