Changes To Pool Safety Laws

On the 28th of January 2016, the Queensland Building and Construction Commission made changes to pool safety laws.  The regulations now state, that in some circumstances building work for a fence forming the whole or part of an existing pool barrier does not require a building development approval.

Points to note:

  • If the only work being performed is self-assessable building work or work to comply with the pool safety standard, the fence work will not require a building approval if a pool safety inspector is engaged to inspect the pool.
  • If the pool owner has been issued a non-conformity notice the work must be carried out within 3 months of receiving the non-conformity notice and the pool owner must arrange for a pool safety inspector to reinspect the pool.
  • If the pool complies with regulations then the pool owner must arrange for a pool safety inspector to inspect the fence to make sure it complies with pool safety standards.  The fence must comply within 3 months of arranging the inspection.
  • It is an offence for the pool owner to fail to have the pool inspected by a pool safety inspector as required.
  • A complying pool is;

i) A pool which has been issued a pool safety certificate.

ii) Pools that have a valid building certificate

iii) Pools with no certificate but that already comply with the pool safety standards.

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