Living in a strata community comes with its unique set of regulations and guidelines, and understanding these is paramount for a harmonious living experience. In Queensland, Sunstate Strata is at the forefront of helping residents navigate the intricacies of Strata legislation. Here’s a blog that will shed light on Strata legislation.

Here’s a Quick Guide to Strata Legislation in Queensland

1. Body Corporate By-Laws:

◦ Residents must adhere to the by-laws set by the body corporate, which may include rules about noise, pets, and property alterations.

2. Payment of Levies:

◦ Owners are required to pay regular levies to cover the maintenance and management of common property.

3. Meetings and Voting:

◦ Residents have the right to attend meetings and vote on important decisions affecting the strata community.

4. Maintenance Responsibilities:

◦ Owners are responsible for the maintenance and repairs of their own lot, while the body corporate manages common areas.

5. Insurance Obligations:

◦ The body corporate is required to have insurance for the building, and owners are encouraged to have insurance for their personal belongings.

6. Renovation Approvals:

◦ Owners must seek approval from the body corporate before making any renovations or alterations to their lot.

7. Use of Common Property:

◦ Residents can use common property but must do so in a way that does not interfere with others’ enjoyment.

8. Dispute Resolution:

◦ There are processes in place for resolving disputes within the strata community, including through the Office of the Commissioner for Body Corporate and Community Management.

9. Pets in Strata:

◦ Specific by-laws may regulate the keeping of pets in strata communities, and approval may be required.

10. Compliance with Legislation:

• All residents must comply with the Body Corporate and Community Management Act 1997 (Qld) and other relevant legislation governing strata living in Queensland.

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