Invoice Hub – What is it & why you should consider using it

Invoice Hub is a fantastic system where Committee members and Building Managers can view and approve invoices before they are paid.

On the Invoice Hub, approvers are able to view invoices that have been entered into the accounting software by Sunstate Strata.

If the approver is happy with the invoice to be paid they can approve the invoice.  If however the approver feels the invoice is incorrect and should not be paid they can send it back to the team at Sunstate Strata for review, editing or deleting.

The Invoice Hub system allows the Committee control over invoices that are paid.  Invoices will not be paid unless they are approved.

When an invoice is entered into the system at Sunstate Strata it is coded, described and then uploaded to the Invoice Hub.  An approver will then receive an email alerting them that there is an invoice or invoices on the Hub awaiting approval.

For more information about Invoice Hub please click here and watch the video created by StrataMax.

If you think Invoice Hub may be perfect for your Body Corporate please contact our accounts department today! or 07 5450 5300.

*Image belongs to StrataMax.

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