Consultancy for Developers needing to establish a Body Corporate

Obtaining the correct advice is vital for setting up a new Body Corporate

Obtaining the correct advice on Body Corporate matters at the start of a project is a vital part of developing and selling units/lots. That is why Sunstate Strata offer a consultancy service to Developers.

We are able to work with building, marketing and legal professionals to assist you present your project to purchasers. If involved from the planning stage, we are able to advise of any special By-laws or motions that may be required to ensure that the establishment and sales of your project proceed smoothly and without delay.

Sunstate Strata are able to assist with the following:

Preparation of first year budgets

Calculation of Contribution and Interest schedule lot entitlements

Advice in relation to proposed Body Corporate By-Laws

Establishment, setting up of the Body Corporate and convening the first general meetings

Preparation of all Administration and Financial required records

Implementation of Body Corporate financial systems

Body Corporate establishment costs & requirements

There are a number of Body Corporate costs that the original owner (Developer) incurs in the process of setting up and establishing the Body Corporate.

Types of Body Corporate establishment costs:

Payment of the first year Body Corporate insurance premium.

Obtaining an Insurance Building Replacement Report.

Obtaining a Sinking Fund Forecast Report.

Providing to the Body Corporate all “as built” architectural, building and landscaping plans, certificates of inspection, and all relevant construction documentation.

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