The Strata Community Australia (Qld) has now achieved an extension to the 31st of July 2019 for Stage 2 of the cladding regulation.

What does Stage 2 of the Cladding Regulation consist of?

Stage 2 will require the Body Corporate to engage a building industry professional to answer technical questions, such as whether the material used on the building is potentially combustible. This stage may be bypassed if building owners are already aware that their building has combustible cladding.

By 31st July 2019, building owners must give the QBCC a copy of:

  • a completed combustible cladding checklist (Part 2) for the owner’s building; and
  • a statement about whether or not the building may be an ‘affected private building’ (a building industry professional statement).

An affected private building is one which has combustible cladding forming part of, or attached or applied to, an external wall or another external part of the building other than the roof. Failure to provide the checklist and statement may attract a maximum penalty of up to 20 penalty units. An owner must keep Part 1 and Part 2 checklists for at least seven years.

The Stage 3 deadline, where a fire engineer must be engaged and advised to the QBCC has been extended to the 31st October 2019.

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To read the joint media release from Strata Community Australia (Qld) and the Queensland Government please click here.

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