Building Fire Safety

Under the Building Fire Safety Regulations 2008, all buildings have annual fire compliance obligations.  The objectives of the legislation are to ensure that persons can evacuate from the building safely and quickly in the event of a fire.  Prescribed Fire Safety Installations for the building are to be maintained to the level of their original design.

What needs to be compliant?

All Body Corporate’s must ensure that the following requirements are met annually and that there are records kept as evidence of compliance:

  • All prescribed Fire Safety Installations are maintained
  • An occupier’s statement is completed
  • Check that defined evacuation route(s) are clear and safe
  • Review the fire safety evacuation plan and appoint and retrain your responsible persons and keep a record of this
  • Practice an evacuation

Penalties if you do not comply can range from $8,250 for every single offence of no-compliance and up to $165,000 and 3 years jail for an offence that leads to fire causing multiple death.

You should consider a professional company that is properly qualified and insured to complete your maintenance and compliance work.  It may be a good idea to select a company that is independent of those that look after your regular fire maintenance.

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