administration services

Complete Body Corporate Service


Secretarial Management

  • Prepare and issue notices calling for Committee nominations and motions for the Annual General Meeting
  • Prepare and distribute notices of General Meetings and Committee Meetings
  • Convene and attend meetings of the Body Corporate
  • Record and distribute minutes of meetings
  • Generally deal with inward and outward correspondence of the Body Corporate
Secretarial Management
Financial Management


Financial Management

  • Open, maintain, operate, reconcile bank account(s)
  • Keep proper accounting records
  • Prepare Statement of Accounts at the end of each financial year
  • Prepare Draft Budget for each financial year
  • Prepare and issue levy contribution notices to lot owners
  • Process levy payments received and process and pay accounts of the Body Corporate
  • Debt collection for overdue levy contributions


Administrative Services

  • Process and care for the records of the Body Corporate
  • Maintain the Body Corporate roll and registers and supply information where required
  • Effect insurance’s on behalf of the Body Corporate
  • Insurance facilitation
  • Keep custody, use, and supervise the use of the Body Corporate seal
  • Keep Body Corporate records available for inspection
  • Provide, so far as reasonable, general assistance and advice to the Body Corporate and its Committee members in respect to the administration of the common property
Administrative Services

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