Sunstate Strata offer a complete Body Corporate administration service for existing Bodies Corporate in various locations in Queensland including but not limited to Sunshine Coast, Mackay, Brisbane, Cairns, Townsville and Gold Coast.

We are proud to say that our list of Body Corporate services is extensive.  Please find below a sample list of services that we offer:

Secretarial Management

  • Prepare and issue notices calling for Committee nominations and motions for the Annual General Meeting
  • Prepare and distribute notices of General Meetings and Committee Meetings
  • Convene and attend meetings of the Body Corporate
  • Record and distribute minutes of meetings
  • Generally deal with inward and outward correspondence of the Body Corporate

Financial Management

  • Open, maintain and operate a bank account in the name of a Body Corporate
  • Reconcile bank account on a daily basis
  • Prepare statements of account for each financial year
  • Prepare a draft budget for each financial year
  • Prepare and issue levy contribution notices to lot owners
  • Prepare periodic accounts of the Body Corporate
  • Process levy payments received and process and pay accounts of the Body Corporate
  • Prepare financial records and statements as required by Body Corporate legislation

Administrative Services

  • Process and care for the records of the Body Corporate
  • Maintain the Body Corporate roll and registers and supply information where required
  • Effect insurance’s on behalf of the Body Corporate
  • Process insurance claims
  • Keep custody, use, and supervise the use of the Body Corporate seal
  • Keep Body Corporate records available for inspection
  • Provide, so far as reasonable, general assistance and advice to the Body Corporate and its Committee members in respect to the administration of the common property

If you are looking for a complete Body Corporate Management service, you have found an excellent reputable company.

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